Fisherman slashes rival’s car tyre

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A fisherman who punctured a rival’s car tyre with a knife has been given a suspended prison sentence after a judge condemned the “sheer nastiness” of the attack.

George Eves vented his fury by using a fisherman’s knife to damage the Volkswagen’s rear tyre in an attack which sprang from a dispute in the Scarborough fishing community.

York Crown Court heard that Eves, 59, took revenge after apparently being subjected to threats by other fishermen.

His barrister said that Eves had himself been the victim of a similar attack and acted in retaliation, suspecting that his rival, who was named in court, had been involved.

He added that Eves had been suffering from anxiety and depression, which had led to him committing offences and tarnishing his previously-good reputation.

Eves, of St Mary’s Walk, Scarborough, appeared in court on Friday when he pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Prosecutor Robert Stevenson said the offence was in breach of a suspended prison sentence which Eves had been given for a previous offence.

Recorder Peter Makepiece said the “sheer nastiness” of the attack on St John’s Road would have left the victim in fear of an even-worse fate.

He told Eves: “You have had a similar experience yourself – it makes a person extremely nervous; makes them fearful that something worse is going to happen.”

Mr Makepiece said that a breach of a suspended sentence should ordinarily result in an immediate jail sentence, but he decided not to send Eves straight to prison because “these are not ordinary circumstances”.

“You are a person suffering from considerable difficulties not of your own making,” added Mr Makepiece.

He said he had also taken into account that Eves had a medical condition which had affected his physical and mental health.

Mr Makepiece gave Eves a six-week jail term for the criminal-damage offence, but suspended this for two years to give the defendant another chance.

Owing to legal strictures, Mr Makepiece could only mark the breach of the suspended sentence with an £85 fine and also ordered Eves to pay a victim surcharge of £80.