Four jailed for badger baiting

AN RSPCA inspector has condemned the “barbaric and cruel” actions of a group of men who used a pack of dogs to attack a heavily pregnant badger - branding it the worst case he’d seen in 20 years.

Alan Alexander, 32, Richard Simpson, 37, Paul Tindall, 31, and William Anderson, 26, all received 16-week jail sentences today after being convicted of their parts in the savage act.

Christopher Holmes and Malcolm Warner, both 28, admitted the offences at an earlier hearing and escaped with 12-week suspended prison sentences. A 17-year-old boy was also involved in the horrific crime.

District Judge Kristina Harrison called the crime “barbaric and abhorrent” and said she hoped the jail sentence would be the “ultimate deterrent” for potential badger baiters.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard the cruelty was discovered on farmland at Howsham, near York, by two men who heard the screams of the badger in January last year.

RSPCA Inspector Geoff Edmond said: “This has been a major case of animal cruelty involving barbaric badger baiting.

“In 20 years on the job it’s the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

For full details of this story see Wednesday’s Scarborough Evening News.