Gang of four gets jail for street mob attack

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

Four Scarborough men have been jailed after a street attacked dubbed by a judge as ‘an unnecessary piece of mob violence against an innocent member of the public’.

York Crown Court heard that a witness was physically sick after seeing the victim being kicked on the ground.

Howard Shaw, prosecuting, told how the victim was on his way to the gym when he came across David Drury urinating in Queens Terrace on August 29 last year.

He was challenged by Drury, 28, and Leon Pottage, 19, who began throwing punches before retreating into a flat shouting “you’re going to get murdered”.

Seconds later they returned with James Hetherington, 18, and Liam Watson, 20.

All four went on to attack the victim who tried to seek refuge in North Marine Road, where he was rescued by witnesses having tried to fight back.

Drury, Pottage and Watson, of Queens Terrace, and Hetherington, of no fixed abode, appeared for sentencing having admitted charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray. Pottage also appeared for sentencing for breaching a community order and a conditional discharge, Drury for aggravated vehicle taking, driving over the prescribed alcohol limit, without either insurance or a licence, and possessing a Class “C” drug.

Taryn Turner, for Pottage, who has 62 previous convictions, said he had behavioural problems, while for Hetherington, Ruth Cranage said he is lightly convicted and had because of drink and drugs fallen foul of peer pressure.

Watson was said by Glenn Parsons to also have been involved with alcohol and drugs at the time of the attack.

Drury, with 99 previous convictions, was said by Anna Wilkinson to be not seeking to make any excuses.

Passing sentence, The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, said the four had carried out “lawless” and “cowardly” behaviour.

Watson, who told a probation officer he “would do the same again” was sentenced to 14 months in a Young Offenders Institute.

Hetherington received a 12 month sentence and Pottage a two year sentence, both in a Young Offender Institute.

Drury, who left the dock of the court saying: “Oh well”, was jailed for three years, and banned from driving for three years.