Horror attack: three arrests

Vernon Road. Scene of street fight . pic Richard Ponter 144117a
Vernon Road. Scene of street fight . pic Richard Ponter 144117a

Police have arrested three people after a reveller had part of his ear bitten off in a brutal late-night brawl.

The 24-year-old victim was rushed to hospital after the bloody assault, and witnesses say police scoured the area in the aftermath for the missing chunk of ear.

Tony Snow

Tony Snow

The three suspects, one of whom has played for Scarborough Rugby Club’s first team this season, have since been released on police bail.

“You see fights in town but this was a different level – it was a brutal,” said one eye-witness, who has asked not to be named.

“The police turned up straight away and arrested these lads, before these other officers began looking around for the ear.

“It was pitch-black though so they were struggling to see anything, and I don’t know if it was found.”

The incident happened after two groups clashed just after midnight on Saturday night in Vernon Road, at the junction with Somerset Terrace.

A fight is understood to have broke out involving several people, before the edge of the victim’s ear - just above the lobe - was bitten off.

Now on top of possible police action, those involved could find themselves barred from nightspots under the Pubwatch scheme.

Pubwatch boss Tony Snow is also in charge of The Courtyard, and it was his doormen who called the police after spotting the attack.

He said that the issue is “likely” to be on the agenda of the next Pubwatch meeting later this month, and he was full of praise for his bouncers.

“Our doormen spotted the assault happening and they were the closest ones to the vicinity, so they immediately called the police,” said the bar boss.

“One group was coming down Somerset Terrace, and the other group were walking the other way, and it all of a sudden just kicked off.

“Officers came straight away and it was dealt with quickly.

“The police came in our premises to see if anybody had ran in after the assault, but nobody was there.

“But my doorman were very professional, and that’s what the doorman are trained to do.”

Detectives are now putting together the pieces of the attack, which marked a night of violence in Scarborough.

And Mr Snow added: “There were quite a few incidents of trouble on Saturday night.

“Whether it’s stag nights coming here I don’t know, it’s been quiet recently but for some reason it all flared up on Saturday night.”

Scarborough Rugby Club has said it won’t comment at this stage of the proceedings.

However, North Yorkshire Police confirmed officers were called to the incident at around 12.15am on Sunday 5 October.

And a force spokesperson added; “Three people were arrested at the scene in connection with the incident.

“They have been released on police bail to allow for further enquiries.

“Any witnesses to the incident are urged to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 – select option two – and ask for Scarborough CID.

“If you prefer not to give your name, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.”