Hotel worker in assault on boss

A HOTEL worker has appeared in court for beating his boss and causing criminal damage to Scarborough’s most iconic hotel.

The former maintenance worker at the Grand Hotel lost his job as a result of the incident, which also landed him in court facing two charges.

David Bonnar, 40, of Newborough, pleaded guilty before Scarborough magistrates to charges of assault and criminal damage.

The court heard Bonnar had been at work at the Grand Hotel, in St Nicholas Cliff, when the incident occurred on April 4.

Prosecuting, Sandra White said: “Staff at the hotel described Mr Bonnar as being upset and unhappy.

“He walked past a colleague on the corridor and exited via double doors which he kicked. Damage was caused as he pushed through the other door, causing cracks to appear in the glass.”

Ms White told the court that as a member of staff repaired the door Mr Bonnar walked past again.

The employee said to him “You have gone and done it now” to which Mr Bonnar swore in reply. Upon hearing the exchange Mr Bonnar’s boss shouted up from downstairs warning him to mind his language while working in the hotel.

Ms White said: “Mr Bonnar then ran down the stairs towards his boss and pushed her in the shoulder. She collapsed to the floor, then he kicked her and walked away.”

Shaun Greenan, mitigating, said Bonnar had been employed at The Grand for around three years and enjoyed his job, describing him as a “valuable member of the team”.

He told the court things changed when he was transferred from his job in maintenance to housekeeping.

Mr Greenan said: “In practical terms it was the same job, but he was told he now had to carry out repairs while the guests were still in the room.

“He said that was inappropriate and would cause aggravation to the guests. His fears were met with no sympathy whatsoever.

“He was incredibly stressed as he was having to apologise to guests. This had gone on a for a number of months. He felt he wasn’t being listened to and his job was becoming increasingly impossible.”

Magistrates heard on the day in question Bonnar was inspecting a leaking ceiling which was coming from the room above, where guests were showering.

Mr Greenan said: “ He radioed his boss to say he couldn’t fix it at that moment, but was told to sort it out straight away. He waited 20 minutes until he was sure the shower was not in use, then knocked on the door and explained the problem.

“He saw the tiles were cracked and water was leaking through, so he requested both rooms be made unavailable while repairs were carried out. He was told that was impossible, and was given half an hour to sort it out.

“It was at that point he accepts he lost his cool and thought he cannot go on like this.”

After hearing the evidence magistrates sentenced Bonnar to a 12-month conditional discharge. He was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the Grand Hotel and £100 compensation to his former boss as well as £85 costs.