‘I’m in Al-Qaeda and I will set off a bomb in here’

The Turks Head, in Eastborough, which drunk Robert Wilson threatened to 'bomb'.
The Turks Head, in Eastborough, which drunk Robert Wilson threatened to 'bomb'.

When told that they’ve had too much to drink, most people take it as their cue to go home - but not Robert Wilson, who threatened to “bomb the pub” unless someone poured him a pint.

The drunk also boasted he was a member of Al-Qaeda, the terrorist network behind the 9/11 attacks - despite Scarborough Magistrates’ hearing that he lived with his parents.

But after making the outlandish claims after a day of boozing, tattooed Wilson was restrained by regulars in The Turks Head before police arrested him.

The 39-year-old had enjoyed a pre-Christmas tipple with his girlfriend when he demanded staff at the Eastborough boozer serve him two pints.

Staff said they would only serve intoxicated Wilson the one, but that didn’t deter him as he made repeated visits to the bar to try and plead his case for another beer.

But after one final rejection, thirsty Wilson finally snapped. He made the explosive threat in front of a packed bar, before linking himself to the militant Islamic organisation - despite the faith forbidding alcohol.

At the morning hearing at Scarborough Magistrates’ on Thursday January 9, shamed Wilson admitted using threatening and abusive words and behaviours to cause fear at the pub on December 14.

Dressed in a green coat and white trainers, Wilson hung his head in court as his hands trembled uncontrollably.

In mitigation, his solicitor Nick Tubbs admitted his client had been “stupid”, and that he had “far too much to drink” that afternoon.

However, he said that he had been in the grips of an alcohol addiction, adding: “If any good has come from this sorry episode, it’s that he’s not had a drop to drink since.”

The Westborough man, who has previous convictions for carrying a bladed weapon and drunk and disorderly, was ineligible for unpaid work due to the nature of his benefits.

He was handed a 12 month community order, and ordered to pay a £60 surcharge along with £85 costs.