‘I only wanted to scare him’ - murder accused

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A man who admits killing another drug user at a flat in Scarborough told a jury he never meant to seriously hurt Jonathan Binns and intended only to scare him with a knife.

Kevin John Pickering, who denies the murder of Mr Binns, 41, but has admitted his manslaughter and robbery on August 7 last year said he and some friends had gone to the flat in Eastborough hoping to get some drugs.

Mr Binns was already there and Pickering said things ‘turned sour’ when he would not share his heroin.

He told the jury at Leeds Crown Court that David White suddenly attacked Mr Binns.

He said he was not expecting that to happen but it was then he picked up a knife from a work top. He said: “Thinking I’ll scare this kid now with this knife. My friend will stop attacking him and this kid will hand over what he’s got, but it didn’t work out like that obviously.

“Well I ended up with the knife to his face and I think I was shouting stuff like ‘look just give it up, give it up” and he wouldn’t and at that point I just poked him with it, literally like that in his leg. That’s all I did.”

Pickering, 30, of Royal Crescent, added: “Blood just fell out, fell out like a pint of milk bursting on the floor, that’s what it was like.

“That’s when I stepped back and I think I was in shock because everything was a bit hazy then I remember running down the street and looking down there was the knife in my hand.”

“I remember screaming out I’ve still got a knife in my hand and I looked over and seen the grit bin and just ran over and put it in there.”

White, 34 of Queens Terrace, denies the murder or manslaughter of Mr Binns but admitted robbery.

Nicholas Polihronos, 31 of Stoney Haggs Rise, Seamer, and James Cousins, 31 of Woodlands Place, Manchester deny, murder, manslaughter and robbery.

Cousins, in his defence, said there was no plan to attack Mr Binns and he did not see Pickering with a knife but heard the occupant of the flat, Gary Thomas, suddenly say ‘look at all the blood.’

The trial continues.