Jail for man who breached curfew

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A SCARBOROUGH man given a “golden opportunity” to stay out of jail blew it by committing further offences, a court heard.

David Langton, 24, was placed under a suspended prison sentence last December for burglary, when he and two other men stole three copper tanks from a Scarborough house under renovation.

However, Langton, of Cromwell Terrace, went on to knowingly tender a counterfeit £10 note to a taxi driver and to steal 12 cans of lager from the Tesco store in the town.

York Crown Court was told by David Garnett, prosecuting, that Langton had also breached a curfew imposed as part of the suspended sentence.

Patricia Doherty, mitigating, said that her client’s problems stemmed from alcohol use.

She said that Langton’s benefits had been stopped and, despite having no money, in times of stress he tended to “bury his head in the sand” and turn to alcohol.

Adding that Langton recognised that he had been “stupid” and now stood in “great jeopardy” of going into custody, Mrs Doherty said that a sentence of unpaid work in community might be of benefit to him, giving him something to do during the day rather than turning to alcohol and committing petty crimes.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Mettyear told Langton that he had been given a “golden opportunity” with the suspended sentence.

Adding that Langton had a “terrible” record, going back a long way, the judge said that alcohol may well be the reason for his offending, but it was no excuse.

The suspended six month sentence was brought into operation and Langton was further consecutively jailed for one month for the theft and three months for the counterfeit note offence - making a 10 month sentence in total.