Jail for man who murdered his wife

Alfredo Merigo
Alfredo Merigo


A man who stabbed his estranged wife more than 100 times as their two-year-old son sat nearby has been jailed for life for her murder.

Linda Merigo

Linda Merigo

Alfredo Merigo, 43, attacked Linda Merigo, 40, in broad daylight outside her home in Clematis Close, Driffield, in September 1 last year.

He was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 28 years.

Following the decision at Sheffield Crown Court, Detective Chief Inspector Steve Hibbitt said Merigo was a “self-centred, controlling, manipulative and ultimately violent man”.

He said: “The attack took place in broad daylight and Linda Merigo sustained more than 100 stab wounds.

“It happened in the presence of the couple’s two-year-old son, Luca, but due to his tender years we cannot say how much of his mother’s death the child witnessed.”

“My conclusion is that Alfredo Merigo is a self-centred, controlling, manipulative and ultimately violent man who ruthlessly planned and executed Linda’s murder.

“He has deprived their son of his mother and devastated Linda’s family.

“Despite compelling evidence, instead of accepting responsibility for his actions he chose to disrespect her memory.”

He added: “Linda’s family understandably are too upset by the events to speak but wish to pay tribute to Linda as a kind and loving daughter who only wanted a loving husband and family.

“Instead she got Alfredo Merigo.”

Merigo was arrested at the scene of the attack and admitted killing Mrs Merigo but denied her murder.

During his trial, Merigo told the jury he could not remember the attack, which occurred on the driveway of her property, although he accepts that his actions led to her death.

He said he had travelled to Driffield to see their son, Luca, and that the couple argued over a number of things while he prepared to take the two-year-old for a walk in his buggy.

Merigo also told the court he was joking when he said to a friend he felt like killing his wife just days before her death.