Jail for man who struck paramedic

A SCARBOROUGH man who burgled a neighbour’s flat and hit a paramedic who was trying to help him has been jailed for eight months.

Thomas Dudley, 30, of Trafalgar Square, also admitted selling on a stolen Xbox games console following the burglary on November 15.

He also pleaded guilty to using threatening words and behaviour towards a passer-by in Trafalgar Square on November 24.

During a sentencing hearing at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, the court heard how Dudley had committed all the offences whilst in drink.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said that Dudley had assaulted the paramedic after being found drunk and unresponsive in the street on January 8.

She explained that as the ambulance set off, Dudley, who was on a stretcher, started to sit up.

As paramedics tried to strap him down for his own safety, he reached up and hit one of them on the chin with his right hand.

Mrs Varlow said: “The assault is aggravated by the fact that the victim was a public servant.”

The court also heard that Dudley had been drunk in Trafalgar Square on November 24 and had been abusive to a passer-by, threatening to kick his dog.

Ian Brickman, mitigating, said: “All matters are in one way or another drink related.

“This is not a mitigating factor, but goes some way towards explaining my client’s difficulties.”

He added that Dudley could not remember all the details about what happened on these occasions, but did accept the Crown’s version of events.

Mr Brickman said his client had tried to tackle his drink problems, having been to rehab twice, but this had not been successful.

Dudley was given an eight-month prison sentence.

On delivering sentence, magistrates took into account the 21 days he had already spent in custody.