Judge jails man in ‘bizarre’ case

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

The only way to sum up the offences committed by a Scarborough man is “bizarre”, said his barrister at York Crown Court.

Wayne Ford-Jones, 33, has made seven previous appearances before the courts for possessing offensive weapons - including knives, air weapons and imitation firearms – and on Wednesday he was back before a judge charged with threatening to kill a man and threatening other people while holding a variety of weapons.

Ford-Jones, of Castle Road, appeared for sentencing having previously admitted one charge each of assault by beating, making threats to kill, assaulting and resisting a police officer.

Telling Ford-Jones that, unless he starts to accept the help offered to him, he could end up representing a danger to the public and facing longer and longer custodial sentences, Recorder Brian Cox QC jailed him for three years.

Nicolas Worsley, prosecuting, told how Ford-Jones, who was subject to supervision and a restraining order at the time, brought a homeless man back to his girlfriend’s home and asked that he be put up.

The girlfriend returned home from a walk later on March 4, this year, to find Ford-Jones in a temper, grinding his teeth and making threats - the start of a three hour ordeal.

He then began waving two kitchen knives around, stabbing two holes in a sofa and saying: “If I wanted to kill you I could”.

Mr Worsley said that Ford-Jones appeared to be under the impression that the other man fancied the female.

This was despite the fact that they had only met for a few minutes before she went for her walk.

The defendant then put down the kitchen knives and armed himself with a steak knife, holding it against the other man’s throat.

The court heard Ford-Jones was persuaded to abandon the steak knife, but then picked up a meat tenderizer and a meat skewer and again began making threats, leaving his girlfriend and the other man fearing for their lives.

After escorting the man from the flat, Ford Jones began brandishing a rolling pin and asking his girlfriend: “What will you do if the police come?”

Mr Worsley said that when two police officers then arrived Ford-Jones began shouting and lunged at them.

He head-butted and punched out at one of them, before he was placed in a head-lock by the officers, taken to the ground and handcuffed.

However, Ford-Jones continued struggling and shouting, threatening to rape the officer’s wives and burn down their homes.

Simon Revell, mitigating said: “Bizarre sums up these offences”.

Mr Revell said that, despite his record with offensive weapons, Ford-Jones had never actually injured anyone.

After hearing that Ford-Jones had failed to accept help in the past, the recorder told him that he did not believe that there was a realistic prospect of him responding to non-custodial options.