Latest figures are revealed on crime

QUARTERLY crime figures and details of police operations in the Northstead, North Bay and Central wards have been revealed.

Sgt Kevin Dunn gave the briefing to residents at a Community and Police meeting, held at Scarborough Bowls Centre.

He said that crime had reduced compared to the same period last year, and that police were paying particular attention to anti-social behaviour and drug offences.

In relation to anti-social behaviour, Sgt Dunn said: “Perhaps of most concern has been the North Bay prom area on Friday and Saturday nights. A problem solving plan which utilises the implementation of by-laws which have not been used for many years has been devised.

“We are well aware of the issues caused to chalet users and residents. Hopefully extra patrols will assist greatly in easing these often distressing actions of the youths be it noise, rubbish, litter or other offensive behaviour.”

He added: “Anti-social behaviour is often linked with drug misuse and operations continue to target several addresses in the North Bay and Central areas.

“Warrants were executed in flats in Trafalgar Square, Kelia Court and Queens Terrace, with five arrests being made.

“We love executing drug warrants. We must get the information and we’re happy to work on your behalf.”

A warning was also issued about bogus callers and suspicious behaviour coinciding with Seamer Horse Fair.

In the Central ward, the total number of crimes fell from 88 to 72, compared to last year’s figures for the April to June period, Sgt Dunn said. Instances of criminal damage fell from 30 to 15, while the number of thefts fell from 30 to 24, although a recent spate of lead thefts has been noted.

Violent offences fell from 26 to 18, although sexual offences in the area rose from zero to three.

In North Bay, 105 crimes were recorded in the period, compared to 129 last year.

Thefts fell from 29 to 18, burglaries fell from eight to three and violent offences fell from 46 to 28.

However, reports of criminal damage rose from 25 to 35.

In Northstead, 73 incidents were recorded between April and June last year compared to just 39 this year. There were no burglaries, robberies or thefts from motor vehicles recorded.

Thefts fell from 18 to five, criminal damage dropped from 25 to 14 although violent offences rose by one to 12.

The next meeting will take place on October 11.