Little Chef burglar is spared custody

A BURGLAR from Scarborough, whose friend gave him the codes for the alarm at a Little Chef restaurant, stole nearly £2,500 from the safe, a court heard.

Andrew Hesketh, of Hinderwell Place, broke a window of the roadside restaurant at Hinxworth, near Baldock, with a brick at 2.30am on August 26 last year.

He smashed his way into the office with a hammer and used the information given him by Little Chef employee Lee Swain to disable the alarm and open the safe.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that when arrested Hesketh, 19, only had £370 left of the £2,414 stolen. He said he had left £400 for his friend and told police that a third person was involved but declined to name him.

Hesketh, formerly of Bishops Stortford, admitted burglary and was sentenced to 12 months in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for 12 months, with 80 hours unpaid work and 12 months supervision. The judge told him: “This was a serious offence. You were able to commit that burglary because Lee Swain was in a position to give you the codes to disable the alarm and you did so. It was a breach of trust because you used inside information.”