Man, 18, asks police officer to 'hurry up because his pizza was getting cold' after being stopped in Whitby

"His new licence is now very fragile."
"His new licence is now very fragile."

After being stopped in Whitby, an 18-year-old man asked a police officer to "hurry up as his pizza was getting cold".

A North Yorkshire Police Officer stopped the driver "after being seen driving a bit quick on some wet roads" last night.

As a result, the officer found that both his front tyres were in a "poor condition" with one below the legal limit.

In his tweet Mark Patterson said: "The three points he will likely receive means his new licence is now very fragile."

Also in Whitby, he also assisted North Yorkshire Police Rural Taskforce with a van which was found to have been uninsured since January.

He added that the "driver assumed policy would automatically renew."