Man, 34, denies attempted theft

A SCARBOROUGH man has denied attempting to steal from a town centre store after allegedly going with wire cutters in order to cut off security tags.

Sebastian Malczewski, 34, told a jury at York Crown Court that he had the cutters in his pocket because he had been preparing his fishing equipment before being reminded that he had promised to go shopping.

He claims that he put the cutters in his pocket instead of leaving them about the house for his four-year-old son to find.

Malczewski, of Norwood Street, denies going to the Sports Direct store in the town equipped to steal and with attempting to steal clothing.

Laura Addy, prosecuting has alleged that a member of the store’s staff was alerted to the presence of Malczewski on the morning of March 9 last year, by the sound of something being clipped.

Miss Addy told the court that a month earlier Malczewski was allegedly seen on his hands and knees in the store pushing security tags under a display unit, his picture being posted around the store to warn staff to be on the lookout for him.

The jury heard that both Malczewski and his sister-in-law, who was out with him, had no cash on them, but Glenn Parson’s defending has told the jury that police records of his client’s detention failed to show that he was in possession of two bank cards.

The jury has heard that within minutes of his release from questioning, Malczewski was in a supermarket close to Scarborough police station using one of the cards to buy groceries.

The court was told no proceedings were brought against Malczewski’s sister-in-law in connection with the alleged offences, and he himself, apart from a drink-drive conviction, was of good character, both here and in his native Poland.

The Malton Bacon Factory worker told the jury he was a regular shopper at the store, had never pushed tags under units, and had only left the store in March without purchasing anything because there had been no deals or promotions on.

The trial continues.