Man, 50, jailed for barmaid assault

The Golden Last pub on Eastborough.
The Golden Last pub on Eastborough.

A MAN who broke a Scarborough barmaid’s false teeth in an “abrupt, vicious and unprovoked” attack has been jailed.

Trevor Cusworth caused “very serious” injuries to his victim, who was discovered by police officers unconscious on the floor of the pub with blood covering her mouth and chin.

Sobia Ahmed, prosecuting, said that 50-year-old Cusworth had punched the barmaid in the face with a clenched fist, causing her to fall to the floor.

She added that Cusworth then returned to his victim and landed further blows.

He committed the assault at The Golden Last pub in Eastborough on the evening of November 9 last year.

Miss Ahmed told York Crown Court, sitting at Harrogate, yesterday: “There had been previous incidents at the pub where people had gained access to the cellar and taken alcohol. As a result the bar staff were being vigilant.

“The defendant entered with another man at 7pm, ordered drinks and was standing around the area of the cellar door.

“The barmaid asked them politely to move to the seating area. The other man challenged her as to whether she had been responsible for barring a male called Billy.

“She said she didn’t want to speak, and was then punched by Mr Cusworth in her mouth. As she was falling she tried to gain hold of Mr Cusworth to stop herself. He also went to the floor and was on top of her.

“It is clear from CCTV that he remains on top of her, but it is not clear whether blows are being landed by that stage.

“Mr Cusworth then punches the complainant a second time to the face, causing her to lose consciousness. When he returns to her there is further blows.”

After the incident, which lasted three minutes, Cusworth left the pub. When someone outside asked him what had gone on, he said he “wouldn’t have someone telling him what to do”.

Nicoleta Alistari, representing Cusworth, said her client denied that he had inflicted further blows after the initial strike, but claimed he had bent over his victim to shout at her.

Cusworth, of no fixed abode, had admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

He had a record of committing violent offences, the court heard, although his offending had become less regular in recent years.

Recorder Stuart Brown QC acknowledged that the sentence of 10 months imprisonment he imposed may have been lighter than Cusworth was expecting.

He added: “Those who work in public houses are entitled to be protected against those who have drunk too much.”

Cusworth was also handed an exclusion order which forbids him from entering the Golden Last for two years.