Man ‘abused trust of own mother’

A SON who “abused the love and trust” of his mother by setting up five catalogue company accounts on her computer without her knowledge has appeared before a court.

David Wiley, who lives in Prospect Walk with his heavily pregnant partner and two children, used his retained key to enter his mother’s home over several months.

While his mother was out he used her computer and password to set up the accounts and order £3,600 worth of goods.

Wiley, 31, would then return the day after placing an order and take collection of the ordered goods.

His dishonesty has forged a wedge between mother and son, especially after despite promising to put matters right she had had to settle £1,679 worth of Wiley’s debt.

The agency worker appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing, having previously admitted five charges of fraud.

Nathan Moxon, prosecuting, told the court that the offending started in November 2010 and despite being caught out by his mother towards the end of that month and promising to pay off the accounts, Wiley continued ordering goods until, in October last year, she had had enough and called in the police.

Wiley, who has since made some payments, was said to have a previous record of domestic violence.

Glenn Parsons, mitigating, said that his offending had been brought home to him because court proceedings had brought him before a crown court.

Adding that Wiley never expected that things would go as far as criminal proceedings, Mr Parsons said that his client wanted to reimburse his mother and resume their relationship, particularly with a third grandchild being due in June.

Passing sentence, Judge Guy Kearl QC said that Wiley’s offending was “despicable” and that he had “abused the love and trust of his mother”.

Adding that the offences crossed the custody threshold, the judge said that the best way forward was for the defendant’s mother to be repaid and for the family relationship to be repaired.

Wiley was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered to repay his mother a total of £1,679.74.