Man admitted father assault

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A SON who has been violent towards his family and partner in the past has been banned from entering the family home in Eastfield, unless invited.

Ian Thomas Peter Leybourn had to be subdued by police officers using CS gas and Tazers when he attacked his father, York Crown Court was told.

The court heard that Leybourn, 26, who before his arrest for the attack lived at the family home in Westway, had been remanded in custody, and serving a short prison sentence for assaulting his partner, since the events of January 12 this year.

The victim asked the court to make an order preventing his son from coming to the family home and also to pass a sentence which would “help” rather than continue to punish his son.

Leybourn, who is now to live with an uncle in Queen Street, Filey, has previous convictions which include assaulting his mother and his partner.

He appeared for sentencing on a previously admitted charge of assaulting his father, occasioning actual bodily harm, in an attack which left the victim with a black eye and facial cuts.

John Topham, prosecuting, told how Leybourn arrived home drunk with a friend’s Staffordshire bull terrier and, because of young children in the house, was asked to leave.

Leybourn became violent and was ejected from the house, only to return and attack his father who was forced to try and fend off his son with a Pogo Stick.

Leybourn later told the police that because of the amount of alcohol he had drunk he could remember very little of what happened. Taryn Turner, mitigating, said her client realised that he needed help.

She added that he was willing to abide when any order to stay away from his parent’s home.

Placing Leybourn on a two year community order with supervision, Recorder Richard Mansell QC said that if he was to jail him it would only be for a short time.

He said that Leybourn, who committed the assault on his father only days after attacking his own partner, would be released from further custody without help and that he was prepared to follow the family’s wishes.

He was ordered to take part in a domestic violence programme and was also placed under a restraining order to keep him away from the family home for two years, unless invited by his parents.