Man attacked pub staff during Halloween party

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A SCARBOROUGH man was bailed by police after a disturbance at a local pub, only to go on and get involved in another incident, a court heard.

Kieran Cassidy, 25, of Albemarle Crescent, was jailed at York Crown Court after admitting two charges of affray.

In the first, at the Hungry Horse pub, several people were assaulted, including the landlord who was kicked and punched whilst on the floor, but in the second a man’s jaw was smashed and he needed metal plates inserting at hospital.

Michael Greenhalgh, prosecuting, told how at a Halloween party at the pub in Market Lane, Eastfield, on April 30 2010, attended by families with children in fancy dress, Cassidy became upset and then aggressive, putting his foot through the seat of a chair in anger.

Members of staff were attacked before Cassidy and several friends were ejected.

Outside the pub the landlord was attacked before Cassidy and his friends went back into the premises, Cassidy picked up and threw a table across the bar area and threatening to slash the female bar manager’s throat.

Cassidy was arrested and bailed but then, on December 8 of that year, he was one of a group who became involved in an incident in a Scarborough street.

The court heard that a long-standing argument between one of the group and another man had resulted in the latter “tooling up” with a tyre lever, according to Cassidy.

He was allegedly struck a glancing blow and telling the man that he was “dead”.

Cassidy then turned on the man’s father when he tried to calm things down.

He struck him with one punch, causing him to crash to the ground, being knocked unconscious and suffering a fractured jaw.

Andrew Semple, mitigating, said that his client did not have the worst record of offending to come before the courts, but that it was noteworthy that Cassidy had stayed out of trouble for over three years after becoming involved in a stable relationship and having a child.

However, said Mr Semple, when the relationship broke down and Cassidy returned to his former associates in Scarborough, he fell back into his old ways.

The court heard that another previous girlfriend had come forward whilst Cassidy was locked up on remand and told him that he was the father of her new born child and that she wanted to resume their relationship.

This, said Mr Semple, had brought Cassidy new hope for the future and he had been a model prisoner.

Cassidy was jailed for 18 months.