Man attacked three innocent women

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A MAN punched three women in the face leaving his ex-wife in hospital, Scarborough magistrates heard.

Arthur Hunter, 64, of Westborough, Scarborough, was warned that he could be jailed after he pleaded guilty to three charges of assault by beating.

The court heard that Hunter had committed the offences in Station Road, Snainton, on Friday last week, after he had travelled to Scarborough with his ex-wife to celebrate her birthday with two friends.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, said: “The defendant and his ex-wife are divorced but still live together.

“They went in to Scarborough and have gone to the Trafalgar pub. She went to look around town with her friends and then went back to meet him in the pub.

“The women used a car to get to Snainton and he followed them on the bus. He has then seen them in the street. He approached his ex-wife and became verbally abusive.”

Then, Hunter grabbed the woman around the throat.

Mr Butterworth added: “Another of the women intervened and he punched her in the face. The other companion was also punched in the face.

“He then punches his ex-wife to the left hand side her face, then, as she is going down, he punches her again to the right hand side of the temple.

“There is some suggestion that she may have been unconscious.”

All three women were injured and Hunter’s ex-wife was taken to hospital.

As a result of the attack, his ex-wife had a cut to her left ear, bruising to her forehead and reddening to her throat. The other two women had reddening to their faces.

After he was arrested, Hunter told police he “wasn’t bothered as it happens all the time” after he was asked how he felt.

Mr Butterworth added that he appeared to be more concerned about the inconvenience of having to find somewhere new to live. Hunter was last convicted of an offence in 2001.

Caroline Wyatt, mitigating, agreed the matter should be adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared by the probation service.

Chairman of the bench Angela Fawcett said: “This was a very nasty incident involving three innocent women. You hit all three women in the face and caused injuries and your ex-wife ended up going to hospital. We are going to ask for an all-options report and that includes custody.”

The sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place on the morning of October 19. Hunter was released on conditional bail.