Man fined for not securing child in car

A FINE of more than £300 has been handed to a Scarborough man for driving with a young child sitting on the lap of a passenger.

Paul Fisher, 44, of James Street, was charged with carrying a passenger in manner likely to cause danger, and failing to produce his licence.

Fisher did not attend the hearing at Scarborough Magistrates and had not been in contact with the court.

Magistrates found the case proved in his absence.

Prosecuting Katy Varlow read to the court a statement from the police officer who stopped Fisher on January 21 at around 3.25pm in Market Way.

She said: “My attention was drawn to a blue Rover travelling in front of me.

“The rear, near side passenger was sat with a young child on her lap.

“Both the female and the passenger were unrestrained, even though I saw the rear of the vehicle was fitted with seat belts.

“There was a clear danger to the child in the way it was being carried in the vehicle.”

Mrs Varlow told the court the officer then pulled Fisher over and pointed out the offence.

Fisher is said to have replied that he realised the child was jumping about, and he should have waited before he set off.

The officer then charged Fisher, who could not produce his driving licence at the time of the incident.

Magistrates heard Fisher, who had no endorsements on his licence, then failed to produce his licence at the police station as requested.

Fisher was fined £350 for not securing the child safely in his car, and issued three penalty points.

He was also fined £175 for failing to produce his licence and ordered to pay £15 victim surcharge and £45 costs