Man fled country after club attack

The former Mansion nightclub in Aberdeen Walk
The former Mansion nightclub in Aberdeen Walk

A SCARBOROUGH man who threw a glass at a nightclub doorman before fleeing to New Zealand has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Justice finally caught up with 26-year-old Christopher McGregor at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court yesterday - more than four years after he committed the original offence.

The court heard that on December 23 2006, McGregor had hurled a pint glass at the doorman from the top of a fire escape at the Mansion nightclub in Aberdeen Walk.

Jessica Strange, prosecuting, said: “The doorman had been following two males who ran past him. He then felt a blow to the back of his head.”

The victim was taken to hospital and suffered swelling and cuts to the back of his head and his right ear.

McGregor was identified by another member of staff who had seen him throw the glass.

He was arrested and released on bail after the assault, but absconded to New Zealand before he was scheduled to answer bail on January 9 2007.

When he returned to Britain on December 6 last year, he was immediately arrested at Manchester Airport.

Two days later, he admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and failing to surrender to bail at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

Adam Birkby, mitigating, accepted that the offences would result in a custodial sentence. However, he pleaded with Recorder Deborah Sherwin to suspend any term of imprisonment, in light of the fact that his client had already spent 42 days in Hull Prison after he was remanded in custody following his conviction.

He said: “The assault itself was not premeditated. He threw the glass in the general direction of the staff member. He did not mean for it to hit the door supervisor. It was reckless and caused minor injuries.

“His record is unimpressive, but he has no previous convictions for violence. It shows a man who in drink commits nuisance offences.”

Mr Birkby added: “Breaching his bail was the absolute example of his immaturity and stupidity.

“He already intended to go to New Zealand. He had his ticket and visa sorted before he committed the offence. He simply continued with his plan.

“He realised he was in serious trouble.”

The court also heard that McGregor had been convicted of further offences in Australia, after he moved there from New Zealand.

Recorder Sherwin sentenced McGregor to six months in prison for the assault and three months for failing to answer bail, to run consecutively.

However, she agreed to suspend the sentence for two years.

She warned McGregor: “Any more daftness and you will be sent back to Hull Prison to serve the nine months.

“It is only because you have already spent 42 days in custody that I am able to suspend the sentence.”

Recorder Sherwin also ordered the defendant to complete an alcohol treatment programme and be subject to supervision by the probation service for two years.