Man flees from courtroom in doomed escape bid

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A DESPERATE crook made a last-gasp bid for freedom by attempting to flee from the dock at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

The defendant, a man in his early 40s, had just been sentenced to six weeks behind bars for failing to comply with the terms of his licence after his release from prison.

Realising his options were limited and with security officers approaching fast, he shot out of the courtroom and made for the building’s exit.

However, the hapless Houdini took a wrong turn and attempted to flee through the court’s entrance door, rather than its exit, yesterday.

The automatic door remained firmly closed as staff from security firm G4S quickly caught up with the runner.

The man, who was living in Scarborough, was then led away to the cells to start his sentence.

The botched escape bid may land him behind bars for an even longer period.

An additional charge could now be put to the jailbird if a report of the incident is made to police.