Man got involved in street arrest

A Scarborough teenager has admitted being drunk and disorderly after he threatened police officers while they were making an arrest.

Fraser Malcolm, a 19-year-old from Ridgeway in Eastfield, appeared before Scarborough Magistrates Court.

Catherine Turnbull, prosecuting, said that it was just after midnight in June when police attended an incident in Eastborough. She said: “The two police officers were dealing with a woman who had been involved in an altercation with a male.”

She added that Malcolm, who was not involved, started swearing at the officers and was arrested.

Robert Vining, in mitigation, said Malcolm planned to make a fresh start by moving to Scotland with his mother. He said: “He might be 19 years of age but she will keep an eye on him.”

Malcolm was fined £50 and ordered to pay £100 in court costs.