Man had drugs after jail release

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

Four days after being released from prison for drug offences a Scarborough man was found in possession of both heroin and a Class “C” drug, a court heard.

David Marsh had just completed a six-month sentence for possessing heroin, and a concurrent 21-month sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice, when a car in which he was a passenger was stopped in Scarborough on April 5 last year.

At York Crown Court he pleaded guilty to being in possession of 15.69 gms of heroin and two charges of possessing a total of nine subutex tablets.

The court heard that Marsh, 39, had had his licence from the previous sentence revoked and had been in prison since his arrest last year – part of that time, amounting to 111 days, being on remand for the current offences after the licence period ran out.

Tamara Pawson, prosecuting, told how a car, driven by Marsh’s girlfriend, was stopped by a police officer and the defendant, who became abusive, was found to have one tablet of the Class “C” drug in his pocket.

As a result Marsh’s then home was searched and eight further tablets and the heroin, with an estimated value of £300, were found.

Marsh, who was originally charged with a denied offence of possessing the heroin with intent to supply it, has served several prison sentences in the past in connection with drug offences, including one of seven years.

Paul Williams, mitigating, said that during his 14 months in prison awaiting his sentence his client had managed to rid himself of his long-standing heroin addiction by “rattling” – going “cold turkey” – and was determined to seek help on his release to stay off it.

Mr Williams said that the drugs found in April had been for Marsh’s own use, he having bought in bulk from his earnings as a builder to save money and to save having to scour the streets in search of a daily fix.

Marsh was sentenced to a total of eight months’ imprisonment.