Man hid drugs in his underwear

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A man pulled over by police on the A64 was found to have nearly £2,000 worth of amphetamine hidden inside his underpants.

Paul Cusworth was arrested on the roadside on suspicion of transporting drugs.

A strip search then uncovered £1,950 worth of amphetamine hidden inside Cusworth’s underpants. Officers also discovered a number of tablets, including six of a “Class C” drug.

Cusworth, 28, of Aberdeen Walk, appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing, having previously admitted one charge each of possessing the amphetamine with intent to supply it and with possessing the tablets.

Also in the car stopped by police at Rillington on Friday March 16 last year, was John Olds, 54, of Wykeham Court, Skelton, Cleveland, who appeared before the court for sentencing on an admitted charge of possessing the amphetamine with intent.

Cusworth initially told the police that he only had sugar on him, Olds claiming that they had been on a trip to and from Pontefract in West Yorkshire to discuss the sale of the car they were stopped 

The court was told that it was accepted that both men were only small players and not involved in a commercial drug operation.

Taryn Turner, for Cusworth, said that he was not a stranger to the criminal courts, but had not been convicted of drug offences since 2001.

Adding that her client had mental health issues and suffered from the adult form of ADHD, Mrs Turner said that he was in the process of sorting out a stable relationship with his five children.

Laura Addy, for Olds, said that her client was the sole carer for his mother, and was setting up his own small business of carving driftwood in her garage so as to be close to her.

The court heard that Olds has a long record, including some for drugs matters.

Cusworth was placed under a 12-month community order, with a requirement to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, and ordered to forfeit as costs the £151.68 found in his possession on arrest.

Olds received an 18-month community order, with 18 months’ supervision, and was ordered to take part in a thinking skills programme.