Man in court for assaulting night marshall

A TEENAGER who headbutted one of Scarborough’s voluntary night marshalls has appeared in court.

Robert Ferguson, 18, of Barrowcliff Road, was charged with assault following the incident on December 30.

He also faced a charge of making off without payment after ordering a taxi on January 22 and not paying the £8 fare.

Ferguson had previously pleaded guilty to the charges, and appeared before Scarborough magistrates for sentencing following a pre-sentence report.

Steve Ovenden, prosecuting, told the court that Ferguson was stopped by night marshalls just before midnight after he was spotted carrying an open bottle of alcohol in St Nicholas Street, an area where restrictions are in place to prevent street drinking.

Mr Ovenden said: “The night marshall told him he would have to surrender the bottle. Ferguson said ‘I’m not giving you anything’ and raised the bottle in the air. He describes Ferguson as raising his fists, and on two occasions he said Ferguson tried to hit him, but was unsuccessful. Ferguson then lunged at the night marshall and made contact with his head, not leaving a lasting injury.”

The incident with the taxi came a month later when Ferguson asked to be picked up from an address in Eastfield.

When he was dropped off in St Leonard’s Crescent he told the driver he was going inside a property to get money for the fare, but he didn’t return.

Marcus Topham, mitigating, said: “He has been out that evening and has drunk more than he should have done.

“He wasn’t aware that area was a designated area for no alcohol. The raising of the bottle above his head was simply to prevent it being taken from him.

“His friend has kicked off with the other night marshall. He is encouraged by the stupidity of his friend and struggles with his own night marshall.”

Mr Topham said with regard to the taxi incident Ferguson was expecting a friend on the other end to give him money to pay the fare. When he got in the house the friend laughed and said he had been joking, and Ferguson was too embarrassed to go and face the driver.

Magistrates sentenced Ferguson to a 12-month supervision order, during which he was ordered to complete a thinking skills programme.

He was told he had to pay £8 compensation to the taxi driver, though no compensation was awarded to the night marshall because his injuries were not lasting.

Ferguson also had to pay £50 costs.