Man in court for drugs haul

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

CANNABIS plants with an estimated yield worth £12,000 were found growing in the flat of a Scarborough man, a court was told.

Police executed a warrant at the Granville Road flat of James Posner and found 48 cannabis plants growing in a rear, purposely lined, room amongst sophisticated heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

Posner, 31, had not been present when the police entered his flat for another reason on September 3 last year, but he later attended for interview, telling the police that he had paid out £3,450 for the growing equipment which had been installed by an acquaintance, who he did not want to name.

York Crown Court was told yesterday that Posner had started using cannabis from the age of 14 as a result of bullying due to him having a Jewish father, leading to him developing an addiction which saw him smoking between eight and 12 joints a day.

Posner, who appeared for sentencing, having previously admitted a charge of producing cannabis, was said to have decided to grow his own to save money because work as a self-employed plumber had all but dried up.

He had grown a cannabis crop previously in the room, telling the police that, as well as feeding his own habit, he also expected to supply some to his acquaintance as payment for his work and make a bit of extra money.

Recorder David Preston, who was presented with a pre-sentence report on Posner, as well as testimonials, said that it was obvious that he was normally a hard-working man who took his family responsibilities seriously, helping to support his young daughter and ex-partner who live over 200 miles away.

He was sentenced on Monday to 12 months custody, suspended for two years, place under supervision for two years and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered to participate in a drug rehabilitation requirement lasting six months.