Man jailed for street assault

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A MAN who assaulted a reveller in Scarborough town centre after punching a bench and headbutting a window has been jailed.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard that the incident started when 24-year-old Gareth Rashid, of Queens Terrace, was asked to remove his hat by doorstaff in Vivaz nightclub in Huntriss Row.

He took exception to the request and was ejected from the premises.

While outside the venue, he exhibited bizarre behaviour before carrying out the assault at around 3am on January 27.

In a statement to police, Rashid’s victim said: “I went outside for a cigarette and my attention was drawn to another male who was sitting outside Mcdonalds hitting a bench and shouting.

“He then headbutted a window of a premises next to McDonalds.”

The man then described Rashid approaching door staff again and unsuccessfully trying to talk himself back into the venue.

“I walked over because I knew the doorman quite well,” the victim added. “I said ‘why are you headbutting windows?’ I was trying to defuse the problem.

“The next thing I knew he came right into my face and headbutted me hard in the forehead. My head flew beck and hit a wall.”

The police were called, and found the victim with minor injuries to the back of his head and above his left eyebrow.

When interviewed, Rashid told police he had been drinking from 7pm and had consumed a bottle of Baileys and two litres of cider.

He admitted headbutting the man, but claimed he had only done so after the victim approached him and said “do you want me to knock you out?”

The court heard that Rashid, who pleaded guilty to assault, was already serving a community order which he had been given for arson and a public order offence.

Nice Tubbs, mitigating, said his client had issues with alcohol abuse and self harm and said a custodial sentence would be counter productive.

“He has accepted he shouldn’t have done what he did,” Mr Tubbs added. “He had a long session of drinking which affected his judgement.

“He took exception to a request to take his hat off and it went downhill from there.

“He tried to reason with doorstaff and a man has intervened.”

Mr Tubbs said impulsivity and alcohol had been behind the offending, before adding that immaturity also played a part.

“What is needed is help and letting him continue with the community order, not simply giving up on him and sending him to prison.” he said.

A probation service representative said that while Rashid had been complying with supervision and alcohol treatment requirements of his community order, he had completed less than eight of 200 hours of unpaid work which was classed as unsatisfactory.

After a long deliberation, chairman of the bench Carol Barker said Rashid’s community order would be revoked and he would be resentenced.

He was sentenced to four months in jail for the assault, with an additional two months added to the sentence for the arson and public order offences.

An additional seven days was added to the six-month sentence, in lieu of the £195 which he owed the court.

“You have a previous record of non compliance with any orders,” Mrs Barker said, before Rashid was handcuffed and led into custody.