Man made police station bomb threat

Eastfield Police Station, which Barry Jephson threatened to blow up with a bomb made of fertiliser and red diesel
Eastfield Police Station, which Barry Jephson threatened to blow up with a bomb made of fertiliser and red diesel

A SCARBOROUGH man threatened to blow up Eastfield Police Station and cut police officers’ heads off with a machete.

In a series of 999 calls, Barry Jephson, 32, of High Garth in Eastfield, said he had used red diesel and industrial fertiliser to make a bomb, which he claimed would leave “a big crater” in Eastfield as the culmination of a two-year plot.

Scarborough Magistrates Court

Scarborough Magistrates Court

He also claimed to be armed with a gun and a machete, and challenged police officers to track him down.

Colette Dixon, prosecuting at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court, said Jephson had made seven 999 calls in 40 minutes on the night of July 14. Their length ranged from 30 seconds to 12 minutes.

“The calls were extremely angry and extremely abusive to each of the operators,” Mrs Dixon said.

“During the calls he made a number of references to being in possession of red diesel and fertiliser. He said he had the items because he was going to blow up the police station and police officers.”

Jephson warned the operators that the police had 20 minutes before he would set the bomb off by dialling three numbers on his phone.

He told the operators his surname and said he lived next to the “cop shop”.

He said: “tick, tick, tick,” claimed to have a detonator and added: “I’m going to make a big crater right outside my mum’s house.”

Jephson, who had been released from a two-year jail sentence for wounding just three days before he made the calls, told the operators he was in Seamer Road with his dog, a gun and a machete.

He said: “I’m going to chop your head off because you’re filth,” and claimed the police had ruined his life. The following morning, the police called Jephson’s mobile and he surrendered voluntarily at Scarborough Police Station.

Marcus Topham, mitigating, said: “He had come out of prison with no accommodation. He booked a room in The Golden Last in Eastborough and spent his whole discharge grant on alcohol.

“He was at a low ebb when he made the calls. He can only conclude that alcohol had brought his demons to the surface.

“The calls were more forceful because of references to a bomb and detonator which, of course, he never had.”

Jephson will be sentenced on August 26. He was granted unconditional bail.