Man on ‘legal highs’ robbed couple at knifepoint in flat

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A violent offender hooked on legal highs has been jailed for six years following a terrifying knife incident in which he robbed two people inside a Scarborough flat.

Simon Paul Cahill, 42, of Beulah Terrace, turned up at the nearby flat in the early hours of the morning and was allowed in by the tenant, who was watching movies on his laptop with his ex-girlfriend, York Crown Court heard.

Cahill , who had been round to the flat on previous occasions, was carrying a rucksack which was secreting a bladed weapon.

After being allowed in, 
Cahill lit a cigarette and proceeded to smoke the legal high known as Meow Meow.

He then asked the victims what kind of mobile phones they had, saying one of them was “decent”.

He then stubbed out his cigarette and, borrowing a line from The Godfather, said “it’s not personal”, before pulling a knife out of his rucksack.

As he did so, the female victim picked up the mobile phones and put them behind her back, only for Cahill to threaten her with the knife.

“The defendant then ordered the (male victim) to put his X-Box 360, PlayStation and two laptops in the bag,” said prosecutor Nick Adlington.

Cahill, who also took some video games, warned the tenant he would kill him if he called the police.

Out in the street, a second man, who was riding a bike and wearing a scarf to cover his face, appeared to be waiting for 
Cahill, who gave him the thumbs-up. The male victim called police and Cahill was arrested three days later.

When police searched his flat they found the two stolen laptops and three mobiles. On one of the phones, officers found an incriminating text message which had been sent at 1.40am on July 29 last year – the same time as the robbery.

The text, sent to one of Cahill’s cohorts, read: “It’s game on kid.” Cahill was charged with two counts of robbery but initially pleaded his innocence, only to admit the offences on the day of his trial.

Cahill had 37 previous convictions for 108 offences.