Man remanded over threats to family

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH alcoholic has been remanded in custody after he admitted threatening his wife and daughter.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard that Steven Michael Riley, 44, of Trafalgar Square, was still at the same address as his estranged wife but the couple lived in separate parts of the property.

Dawn Birkett, prosecuting, said that there had been previous arguments between the couple. She said: “The police are regular attendants at the home address.

“The problem with their situation is the defendant is an alcoholic who drinks on a daily basis. The relationship has broken down and they live separate lives in separate rooms.”

Mrs Birkett said that on the day of the incident Riley was drunk by about 1pm and his wife and daughter found him shouting at their bedroom door.

She said: “Cross words were exchanged. The defendant went out and didn’t come back until about 5.30pm. He was still in a bad mood. He was shouting and making threats. The complainants were in their room and had wedged the door shut.”

Mrs Birkett said that Riley had shouted that he had a lump hammer and threatened to “use it on them”. She added: “He was just ranting and being nasty and threatening.”

Ian Brickman, in mitigation, said that alcohol was a problem for both Riley and his wife. He said: “I believe Mrs Birkett used the phrase ‘six of one and half a dozen of the other’. Alcohol does play a part and both have serious alcohol problems – as indeed does his daughter.

“He tells me that he can’t remember a massive amount about the incident.

“Some reference to the hammer may have been made but it was an idle threat. It’s not something he has in his possession. He wouldn’t wish to harm a member of his family.”

Mr Brickman added that Riley had previously been referred to a detox programme by his doctor and on that occasion he had been dry for three years.

Riley was remanded in custody until Monday March 14, because magistrates felt there was a serious risk that further incidents would be committed.

They ordered an all options pre-sentence report should be prepared for the next hearing.