Man’s threatening phone call to police

A SCARBOROUGH man has been fined after admitting making a threatening telephone call to the police.

Keith Ingram, of Prince of Wales Terrace, appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court charged with conveying an indecent or offensive message.

The court heard how Ingram, 44, had called North Yorkshire Police at 21.53pm on April 23, saying that he had been raped by an officer while in custody at Scarborough Police Station.

He told the female employee who took the call that if the matter did not get dealt with he would “cut her throat”.

Marcus Topham, mitigating, said that the offence was “tantamount to one sentence, not a repetitive and continually abusive series of phone calls”.

He explained that the defendant said that, while previously in police custody, he had been physically abused during an intimate search.

Ingram had reported the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and was becoming frustrated that he hadn’t heard anything in response.

Mr Topham said: “These factors had milled in his mind and he stated something of his frustration.”

He also told the court that following the phone call, three police vans and 14 officers with riot shields had come to Ingram’s house to arrest him.

Mr Topham added that his client has a “very hot” relationship with North Yorkshire Police and is known to them. He also stated that his client has a history of mental illness and has made problematic phone calls to the police in the past.

He said: “Mr Ingram bears close to his heart the fact that laws are for everybody and is a public-spirited individual.

“However I concede that this is an emergency service and does not need troublesome phone calls from the likes of Mr Ingram.

“But he has issues that possibly make him outside of the norm.”

Ingram was fined £65 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £15.