Man sent abusive texts to ex-partner

A MAN who harassed his former partner and threatened to go and beat up her father on Christmas Day has been given a community order.

Wayne Paul Stephenson, 47, of Tennyson Avenue, Scarborough, admitted sending seven abusive text messages to the woman on December 19.

During a previous hearing he denied being verbally abusive on the same day, but Scarborough magistrates found that all matters were proved.

The court heard that Stephenson had been given a harassment warning on May 24 and since then things had been OK.

But on December 19, he went round to his ex-partner’s address, saying he wanted to drop off some presents.

Kathryn Reeve, prosecuting, said that Stephenson was verbally abusive, swearing repeatedly and making threats about the woman’s father.

She said: “He said he was going to turn up on Christmas Day and kick off. The defendant says she was terrified for her safety.”

The court also heard that later the same day, Stephenson had sent seven text messages, again making threats.

One of them read “Your old man is going to get it”, with another saying “Your dad’s wife will be asking why he’s in hospital”.

In a statement by the victim, she said: “The threats obviously caused me distress and anxiety.

“I have a heart condition and suffered palpitations.”

Michael Sandiford, mitigating, said his client had not been violent and that the incident at the woman’s house had only lasted around 20 minutes.

He went on: “The threats were made out of bravado and anger.

He apologises for behaving in this way and for causing upset.”

Stephenson was given a two-year community order with supervision and he was ordered to complete the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme.

A restraining order was also made.