Man sentenced after text abuse

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

n Robert Vining, mitigating on behalf of Valvona, added: “The New Year has been a new start for him and he has turned over a tremendously big leaf.”

A FILEY man has been jailed after subjecting his former partner to a barrage of threatening text messages.

Nathan Valvona, of Thorn Tree Avenue, was handed an 18-week sentence in a Young Offenders Institute yesterday after pleading guilty to harassment.

Scarborough Magistrates Court heard Valvona, 20, sent his ex-partner a number of texts following the break-up of their relationship.

The court was also told Valvona lashed out at a fence panel in anger when the police arrived to arrest him, causing £30 worth of damage.

Prosecuting, Katie Varlow said: “The woman had been in a relationship with him and it was originally fine for six to seven months.

“However, the relationship deteriorated and she began receiving a significant amount of text messages.

“They included messages such as ‘no girl grasses on their man.’

“He also kicked out at a fence when the police attended.”

Mitigating, Robert Vining said Valvona accepted his actions were wrong, but added he was a changed man epitomised by the fact he had arrived at court with the £30 ready to pay compensation for damaging the fence.

He said: “Things have moved on a great deal since that time and this incident has been a divining light for him.

“His background is tailor-made for someone who is going to have difficulties in a relationship and anyone looking at his history will say he will have problems.

“He is somewhat isolated living in Filey as he is still oscillating between the town and Halifax where his mother lives.

“One of the other problems he has had is using cannabis.

“However, in four weeks he has not had any and out of all of this there has been a huge leap forward for him.

“The police were hiding behind a fence, he heard the radio go and in temper kicked out and broke the panel.”

However, chairman of the bench, Catriona Warnock-Smith told Valvona: “There were a number of text messages that were intended to cause fear. Only a custodial sentence can be applied.”

Valvona was also given a two year restraining order.