Man sped away from police

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A trainee mechanic has appeared in court after trying to outrun the police in his car.

Paul Cusworth, 28, of Aberdeen Walk, had been stopped while driving several times in a few weeks by, and after again seeing a police vehicle behind him, acted in his own words out of “stubbornness”.

Alan Mitcheson, prosecuting at York Crown Court, told how officers had wanted to speak to Cusworth about a faulty headlight bulb, so pulled in behind his car in Seamer Road and switched on their blue lights and siren.

However, Cusworth sped off into Queen Margaret’s Road, driving erratically at speeds of up to 50mph, before being forced to stop because of road works.

Cusworth who appeared for sentencing on an admitted charge of driving without due car, was said to realize that it had been a “very foolish thing” to have done. He was banned from driving for 28 days, fined £150 and ordered to pay £85 in costs and £15 victim surcharge.