Man stole from medical centre’s staff-only area

Scarborough Magistrates Court.
Scarborough Magistrates Court.

A 28-year-old Scarborough man missed his brother’s funeral after he was jailed by magistrates for stealing a mobile phone.

The court heard that Steven Noble, of Peasholm Gardens, had been so distraught following the death that he tried to take his own life by slashing his wrists.

With his arms still in bandages he admitted wandering around the Castle Health Centre, while he was waiting for an appointment, and took the phone from a staff-only area.

Kathryn Reeve, prosecuting, said: “He entered an unattended admin office. On CCTV he is seen to loiter and crouch down by a desk before exiting the office.”

She added that the defendant was confronted by a security officer but he left in his mother’s car.

Miss Reeve said that his mother later noticed the mobile phone lying in her car and handed it in. “He is subject to a prison licence for a wounding matter.”

Franklyn Garvey, in mitigation, said that the reason Noble was at the medical centre was that he was so upset after the death of his older brother.

He added: “He had been drinking – he’d drunk half a bottle of wine. His mother has taken him to the medical centre. He gets up and starts wandering around the building. He manages to get up to the second floor. He opens a door and takes a mobile phone.”

Mr Garvey said that Noble’s mother later spotted the mobile phone. He added: “She returns it to the medical centre – there’s no loss in that regard.”

He added that his client particularly regretted his actions – and the timing of his court appearance coincided with the funeral.

“He was devastated by his brother’s untimely death,” he said.

Magistrates considered theft from a medical centre was so serious that he was given a two month prison sentence.

Before being led away Noble told the court: “I just want to say that I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I love my brother and I just wish that I could have gone to the funeral.”