Man swore at police in Old Town

A SCARBOROUGH man who swore at police officers during a drunken incident in the Old Town has been given a conditional discharge.

Damon O’Nions, of Longwestgate, yesterday pleaded guilty at Scarborough Magistrates Court to being drunk and disorderly earlier this month.

The court heard 25-year-old O’Nions - who has more than 50 previous court appearances on his record - was arrested in the East Mount Flats area after reports of a man hitting doors.

Prosecuting, Steve Ovenden said: “Officers responded to a report of a male banging on doors.

“There is no evidence it was him, however, the officers could not make sense of what he was saying.

“He then swore at them on a number of occasions and struggled with officers before being put into handcuffs.”

Representing himself in court, O’Nions said he regretted his behaviour.

He added: “I can’t remember anything of the incident but I have gone around to all of my neighbours to apologise for my actions.

“I have not touched a drink since that day and I’m sorry for my actions.”

Magistrates gave O’Nions the conditional discharge but withheld any financial penalty due to him owing the court more than £600 in fines from previous offences.