Man threatened relatives of former partner

A SCARBOROUGH man has admitted damaging a car door and threatening relatives of his former partner.

Stephen Sierotko, 51, of North Marine Road appeared before Scarborough magistrates for sentencing after recommendations were made in a report by the Probation Service.

The incidents were on September 17 when Sierotko was living in a mobile home on land next to his ex-partner’s home in Flixton.

Jenni Kilvington, prosecuting, said that he was upset that the woman had invited her son and family to stay with her.

She added: “The relationship started three years ago but ended 16 months ago. They had a two-year-old child together who lives at the home.

“During the previous week prior to the incident she invited her son back to the property who moved in with his partner and their two-year-old son.”

She said that Sierotko was worried that his child would be “neglected” while they were guests and things came to a head during the afternoon after he had been drinking Lambrini wine.

“He was very abusive and went outside. He kicked the car door twice and damaged the front door,” she said.

She added that he returned waving a hammer and shouting threats towards those inside the property.

Ian Brickman, mitigating, said he could not understand how the door became so damaged during the attack. He said: “He was wearing slippers when he allegedly kicked this car.”

Sierotko was ordered to pay £260 in compensation and magistrates said it was lower than what had been requested because of his limited means.

He was given a 12 month community order with supervision and a 10 days course aimed at addressing alcohol issues.

Magistrates also imposed a two-year restraining order which prevents him going within 20m of the Filey Road address in Flixton and he is not to approach or contact the victims except to arrange access to his child.