Man used heroin ‘to ease back pain’

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POLICE smashed their way into a Scarborough flat to find a man sat on his settee dividing up heroin, a court was told.

York Crown Court was told that officers executed a search warrant on the home of John Pindar, 50, but had to break in because the door was locked and no one was answering.

Sitting in the living room of the flat in Trafalgar Street West on March 4 this year, was Pindar, surrounded by scales, heroin and other items connected with drugs.

Pindar, who was said to have used the drug for nine years to combat chronic back pain, appeared for sentencing having previously admitting a charge of possessing the Class “A” drug with intent to supply it.

Kirsten Mercer, prosecuting, told the court that the prosecution accepted Pindar’s basis of plea that he had purchased the drug on behalf of himself and a friend with joint funds.

He claimed that he had been in the process of splitting the 10.72g of heroin into two equal amounts and that there was no commercial element to the offence.

The court heard that, although Pindar had a criminal record, he had no drug related convictions and nothing to show that he had ever turned to crime in order to fund his addiction.

Judge Colin Burn told Pindar that he was prepared to pass a rehabilitative sentence, rather than a punitive one, in the hope that he would receive the help he needed to kick his drug addiction.

Pindar was placed under a 12 month community order, with 12 months supervision and a requirement that he take part in a nine month drug rehabilitation programme.