Man who cut off tag is jailed

SCARBOROUGH magistrates ran out of patience with a man who consistently breached community orders and cut off his own electronic tag.

Keith Murphy, 20, formerly of Queens Terrace but currently of no fixed abode, admitted failing to attend unpaid work and supervision appointments with the probation service.

Magistrates decided to impose a 16 week custodial sentence which had been suspended for one year only a month earlier after a previous order breach.

He had been told to observe a curfew between the hours of 7pm and 7am, undergo supervision and an additional 280 hours of unpaid work.

Probation officer Paul Willan said: “He quite clearly isn’t going to comply. At this time I can’t see what the probation service can offer to enable him to complete this order.

“He has either removed the tagging device or disconnected the equipment. He also failed to notify us of a change of address which is another breach. This would be his third chance.”

The court heard that Murphy had failed to comply with community orders made on March 3 and May 12 for the same offence, before the suspended sentence was imposed on June 24.

Robert Vining, mitigating, said his client was resigned to his fate and accepted that it was likely that he would be sent to prison.

“He knows that a prison sentence is inevitable and doesn’t seek to waste time unnecessarily,” he said.

“It is sad but I ask you to give him credit because he does not want to waste your time.”

Mr Vining said that Murphy cut his tag off because he was offered a job in Dorset.

“He realised he wouldn’t be able to go because of the tag,” he added. “He cut it off and off he trotted. He was working on a caravan site.

“He got arrested and was brought back up here. The job won’t be open to him again. They told him not to come back and that is that.”

Murphy owed £445 to the court. He is expected to serve half of the 16 week sentence.