Man who stole ex-girlfriend’s ID is sent to jail

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

When a man used his ex-partners details to obtain loans without her knowledge it was just the tip of the iceberg with him going on to commit more than £17,000 worth of frauds.

Barry Dockerty went on to obtain broadband services without ever paying bills and then sold non-existent items on e-bay, York Crown Court heard.

Dockerty, 26, of North Marine Road, appeared for sentencing on nine admitted charges of fraud and asked for fifteen similar offences to be taken into consideration.

Alan Mitcheson, prosecuting, told how Dockerty’s ex was completely unaware of what was happening in her name until she started receiving demands for loan arrears and, in order to protect her credit score, she paid more than £780 in interest payments on loans she never had.

Dockerty, described by Mr Mitcheson as “a man of straw” with no assets, then moved on to using false identities to obtain broadband services.

The court heard that Dockerty then started advertising electrical items, including mobile phones and laptops, for sale on e-bay, taking money from customers but sending nothing in return.

Describing the offences as “confidence fraud” involving multiple transactions, Judge Shaun Spencer QC jailed Dockerty for 12 months.