Mash crash causes mayhem on the A64

Chaotic scenes closed down a Malton road after a lorry crash left the highway coated in mashed potato.

Emergency crews tried blasting and freezing the instant mash, after the heavy-goods vehicle overturned on the A64 on Saturday June 21 - with snowploughs even used to try and clear the mess.

The road was shut down in both directions at the Castle Junction for six-hours, after drivers skidded on the spuds, with police tweeting the road was like an “ice rink”.

Nobody was hurt in crash, but drivers were left facing huge delays after the accident caused “extreme” tailbacks.

“It just sounded like a joke at first, you really couldn’t have made it up,” said one motorist, who was driving to catch a flight.

“You are used to roads being closed because of accidents or roadworks, but mashed potato is a new one for me.”

“But we were delayed for ages because of the mash, and everybody was getting really annoyed.”

And they added: “I hate mashed potato now, and I don’t even know why you would have instant mash in the first place, it’s rubbish.”

Others took to Twitter to poke fun at the spillage, with Dave Turner tweeting: “Better clear it up before someone gets a chip on their windshield. #A64”

And even North Yorkshire Police made light of the incident, with the control room re-tweeting: “@NYPControlRoom: Update on #A64 Instant Mash situation. Emergency Services are utilising various methods to clear - Gravy, bangers, forks.”

Several hundred yards of the road were coated in the potato following the crash, and a picture posted online by police has been retweeted 250 times to date.

The mash is said to have swelled up after it smeared the road, and eventually froze to the surface, making it extra difficult to remove.

As a result fire fighters were called to help aid police and highway workers, who had been called at around 3.25pm following reports of the crash.

A mixture of grit and freezing chemicals were used, before the road was ploughed to try and clear the mess.

However, police said that failed, and instead high-powered pressure hoses were used to blast away the spuds.

Approximately a quarter of the lorry’s load spilt onto the road. The lorry has since been recovered by police.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson confirmed that the A64 was reopened at 9.15pm that night.

Incredibly, it’s the second time in a fortnight that a mash crash has caused a road to be shut down.

A Oxfordshire road was shut down after mash, being transported to be used as chicken feed, toppled off a lorry after it crashed on a bridge.

Initially, locals thought there had been a toxic chemical spill.