'Massacre scene' killers fled in a taxi to Scarborough after torturing and setting alight their victim

Three murderers who tortured a man and set his body alight fled the scene in a taxi to Scarborough, and tried to hide from police.

Friday, 21st February 2020, 2:35 pm
Updated Friday, 21st February 2020, 2:35 pm

Scott Crutchley, Jordan Metcalfe and Nathan Redmond were handed life sentences today over the horrific killing of Jonathan Dews at his home on Brighton Street, Wakefield.

Mr Dews, 42, was tied up, slashed and hit with house bricks before his body was dragged into a cellar and set alight.

The killers carried out the cocaine and booze-fuelled killing on September 6 last year with "explosive violence".

From left, Jordan Metcalfe, Scott Crutchley and Nathan Redmond.

They then fled and caught a taxi to Scarborough where they were arrested later that day as they tried to hide from police at the end of the pier.

Metcalfe, 24, and Redmond, 21, were told they must serve minimum jail sentences of 27 years.

Crutchley was told he must serve a minimum of 21 years behind bars.

Sentencing the killers, Mr Justice Jay said: "I am satisfied that all three of you were in the thick of it in the first phase of this attack in Jonathan Dews' bedroom.

"This was brutal, vicious, explosive, mindless violence."

The judge described the room where Mr Dews was killed as being like a "massacre scene".

He added:"This was a protracted, terrifying death which has left the court emotionally numb."

After the case, Detective Superintendent Nicola Bryar said: "Jonathan Dews was subjected to a horrific and sustained attack, by people he thought were his friends and he could trust.

"All three men attempted to cover their tracks and all lied and blamed each other for the killing.

"They tried to destroy evidence by setting fire to the property and tried to evade justice by fleeing to Scarborough."

The family of Mr Dews released a statement, which read: "Today, we have got justice for Jonathan.

"Words cannot describe the torment of losing him in such horrific, brutal circumstances. The pain and suffering he endured throughout that night will haunt us forever.

"Jonathan was a kind, caring person who would do anything for anyone, a quality that we all admired."

The court heard Mr Dews had an addiction to class A drugs and was prescribed methadone.

The terraced property on Brighton Street was run by a project for the homeless and provided support to vulnerable people. Redmond and Metcalfe also lived at the property.