‘Millionaire’ thief raided student flat

A SCARBOROUGH burglar who momentarily enjoyed a ‘millionaire’ lifestyle has admitted carrying out a theft which left his victims terrified.

William Semons, 37, targeted a student flat in Valley Road in October to steal a Samsung laptop computer and sets of house and car keys.

Semons, formerly of Trafalgar Square, also took a bottle of Paco Rabanne 1 Million perfume during the raid.

Scarborough Magistrates Court was told Semons, who is currently serving a 21 week sentence for another offence, had taken Valium shortly before he carried out the burglary.

Prosecuting, Steve Ovenden said: “Entry to the flat can be gained by a spiral staircase leading to the fire escape.

“Regrettably the occupiers had not locked the door and when they returned in the evening, they noted that entry had been gained into the flat and property had been taken.

“Semons’ mother lives downstairs and she later found the keys and the aftershave in a room.

“However, the laptop was sold for £30.”

Mr Ovenden also read out a statement from one of Semons’ victims, who said they had been left extremely shaken by the incident, which impacted heavily on their university studies.

It said: “It has been a nightmare at this critical time of university.

“The added stress has been a distraction and we have had the inconvenience of replacing locks.

“We have constantly been thinking; was he going to come back? was he going to get us for reporting it?

“All of this made studying even harder.”

Mitigating, Marcus Topham said Semons had only returned to Scarborough last year to have an operation and be closer to his family.

He said: “He apologises for his actions and he is not a burglar.

“This was a chance event, he went to the flat for a reasonable reason but took it upon himself to take the items.

“It was an acquisitive crime.

“He has gone up the fire escape and wound up at the door.

“He has knocked on the door and his purpose was to see if he could borrow tobacco or cigarette papers until his mother returned downstairs.

“He has gone in and seen the laptop and taken it.”

After debating Semons’ case, magistrates decided they did not have sufficient powers to deal with the offence.

He was remanded in custody to appear at York Crown Court on February 20 when he will be sentenced.