More want to reclaim our streets

MORE people have added their voices to a call for action to be taken in reclaiming town centre streets from aggressive louts who intimidate residents and visitors.

News that 18-year-old Joshua Scott had been sent to a young offenders institute for two years and nine months, after he admitted assaulting a middle-aged couple in Castle Road, sparked outrage among visitors to the Evening News website.

The couple were walking past an argument between the lout and his former partner. The 48-year-old male victim, from West Yorkshire, suffered a fractured ankle, head and face grazes and a cut ear while his 44-year-old wife sustained an injury to the back of her head as a result of the incident.

At the time of going to press more than 50 comments were attached to the story which appeared in Thursday’s edition of the newspaper.

The paper had called for action to be taken to stem the tide of violent and drunken behaviour from aggressive individuals often seen shouting and swearing at each other in the town centre.

Animalhouse said: “He’s 18 and therefore an adult, he should not be going to a young offender’s institute, he should serve his time in a real prison.”

Private69 said: “He broke the law, injured two innocent visitors and deserves to be locked up.

“Let’s hope his prison sentence gives him time to contemplate on the impact of his actions and that of the injuries sustained by the innocent victims. More importantly he learns to justify that for every action there is a reaction and it doesn’t have to end in violence.”

Amaroo said: “Scott is a long term thug, nothing more and nothing less. A sentence that should have been longer and it is doubtful he will have learnt anything from it. “

Sir Chasm said: “The victims were innocent bystanders not antagonists. The little recidivist deserves what he gets and more.”

NE Corner said: “I am old enough to remember when Cross street and the surrounding streets had more decent families residing in these properties who were not well off by any standards but all the same had respect for their homes and each other. Just take a walk around Cross Street, Friargate, Longwestgate, East Mount Flats etc to see the decline.

“My thoughts are for the elderly and decent folk who are now massively outnumbered and have become prisoners in their own homes.”