Mum spared jail after ‘turnaround’

A YOUNG Scarborough mum said to have been “running wild” putting herself and her social life above all else has changed her ways, a court was told.

Lisa Fisher, 22, of Sandybed Crescent, who has a past record stretching back to when she was 12 years old, was said to be well known to the Scarborough magistrates and the crown court in latter years, both having lost patience with her and sent her into custody on more than one occasion.

However, Mr Dixon said that since January Fisher had stayed out of trouble, stopped taking drugs and was putting all her efforts into complying with court orders and getting the help she needed.

Fisher appeared for sentencing on four charges of fraud and one each of handling stolen goods and possessing cannabis.

Kristine Walsh, prosecuting told how the cannabis, a small amount for personal use, was found in Fisher’s home by the police at the time of the visit last November.

The court heard three of the fraud charges related to the cashing of three cheques to the value of £1,234.44 through The Cheque Centre in Aberdeen Walk and their agents, Sunset Wines.

Miss Walsh said it appeared the cheques came from an unused book probably taken during a robbery at the English Rose Hotel, although the account had been closed in 2005.

Following these offences, also committed in November last year, Fisher came into possession of a stolen laptop and sold it on for £150, purporting it to be hers.

Passing sentence, The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, said that he acknowledged the changes, adding that it may have been thought a year or so ago that Fisher was a “lost cause”.

Fisher, who had admitted all charges at an early stage, was placed under a 12 month community order with supervision.

Judge Ashurst also ordered three-monthly reviews of her progress, and said he was adjourning the question of any compensation for six months to see if Fisher managed to get the job she claimed to be actively seeking.