Murder accused ‘said he felt like killing wife’

A MAN accused of murder was joking when he said he felt like killing his wife days before he stabbed her more than 100 times, a court has heard.

Alfredo Merigo, 43, took to the witness box at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday on day five of his trial for the murder of Linda Merigo in Driffield on September 1 last year, a charge he denies.

Mr Merigo’s barrister Peter Birkitt QC questioned him over a conversation he had on social networking site Facebook on August 19 last year.

During the course of the conversation with friend Kiera-Jo Reed, Mr Merigo said it was probably the last time he would speak to her.

When Miss Reed asked what had he done wrong, Mr Merigo replied: “Not yet, what do soon lol (laugh out loud). Feel like killing ex wife.”

Mr Birkitt asked the defendant what he could say to the jury about the reference to killing his wife and being in prison.

“It was a bit of a joke,” he said. “You say it as a passing comment. You say you feel like killing someone but you don’t really mean it.

“It’s just something you say at the time.”

Mr Birkitt asked Mr Merigo if, on August 19 last year, he harboured an intention to kill Mrs Merigo.

“Not at all, no,” he said.

The court has heard Mrs Merigo died as a result of 105 separate injuries.

Mr Merigo admits manslaughter by virtue of provocation, but denies murder.

The trial continues.