Murder: ‘It’s sad nobody is shocked’

The scene of the murder on Eastborough earlier today
The scene of the murder on Eastborough earlier today

Traders and locals say they are not shocked by the latest murder to hit Scarborough.

Members of the public have spoken to The Scarborough News after four men were arrested in connection with the murder of a man in his 30s in Eastborough on Wednesday night.

Many have said that the slaying of the as of yet unidentified male, only months after tragic teenager Angel Graham was stabbed to death on the seafront, shows that crime is getting out of hand in the town.

In a blunt assessment of the murder, trader Rebecca Whitfield said: “I’m not at all shocked by this, but how sad is it that I feel that way?

That feeling was echoed by many locals, who had gathered in Eastborough this afternoon, as police continued to search the area for clues as to what happened last night.

“The whole thing is just crazy” said 33-year-old Scarborough man John Butcher.

“The whole place seems to be getting even more dangerous, and it’s not good for the town.”

Dad Karl Johnson just moved to Scarborough from Leeds a year ago. He said incidents like this were common in Leeds - something he hoped would change once he moved to the coast.

“I’d expected it to be a lot more quiet around here, and to be fair it usually is, but for something like this to happen is still a bit shocking.

“You don’ really expect it in Scarborough, but it’s really bad.”

Police say that Eastborough will be open by the end of the afternoon. However, a spokesperson for the force said they are still “some way off” releasing the identity of the victim.