New attack on shelter

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VANDALS have once again targeted a much-loved shelter in Peasholm Park.

It has now been suggested that the shelter, which is situated off Peasholm Drive, could be moved to a less isolated location, due to the number of times it has been vandalised.

Cllr Guy Smith, who represents the North Bay ward, said the area had become a popular haunt for late night drinkers.

“It’s been systematically attacked three times recently,” he said.

“It’s so annoying because a lot of people, such as the friends group, give up a lot of time to make the place look nice.

“It’s one bad element that spoils it for everyone.”

Despite the calls for the shelter to be moved, Cllr Smith said he believes it should stay put.

“I can see their point, but I think it should remain where it is,” he said.

“There’s quite a slope leading up to it, so it’s nice for people to be able to sit down. Some additional lighting could help.”

The issue was a topic of conversation at a Community and Police meeting for the Northstead, North Bay and Central Wards last week.

Residents were told that Community Support Officers would continue to monitor the shelter, but faced difficulties as youths often return to the location even after they have been dispersed.

Anti-Social behaviour, youths gathering and alcohol-related crime and disorder have been named as the top priorities for police among residents.

Crimes can be reported to Scarborough Police on 0845 6060247.